Video: Mike Huckabee asks AR legislature for tax hike


This looks pretty damning, and reinforces my deep reservations about Huckabee.

To be fair, I'd like to see a bit more context here. Where's the transcript of the speech? Why was he asking for a tax hike? Did he have any choice in the matter?

UPDATE (11/21): Fox News Channel provides context ...


1/12 Update: Former Huckabee research director Joe Carter asks for evidence that Mike Huckabee is liberal. I offer the information above as fodder for the conversation.

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This was from his speech to get a cigarette tax passed. Nice spin. I agree with that tax....

Definitely not damning as he has explain this hike as well as others several times to great effect. Just because Huckhating Matt Drudge posts a random youtube video taken out of context does not change the fact that this guy had a more fiscally conservative record than Ronald Reagan did as Governor of California. Also he has been honest about this situation, Arkansas had several situation arise that required emergency action. One was the Supreme court decision forcing them to increase spending by 100 million in a very short period of time; tough to say the least for an impoverished state. Another was the economic crunch's effect on Medicare costs, running a state is a tricky beast and staying ideologically pure and pragmatically practical at the same time is a near impossibility. Huckabee left a huge surplus for his state that he encouraged lawmakers to turn into a tax cut on top of the 90+ he had already been able to push through. He promotes the FairTax which could do a lot for fiscal responsibility because Americans would start to realize for the first time what these failing social programs are costing them.

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